About LegalEz

Small businesses and individuals just like you have successfully started using LegalEz to draft professional and sophisticated legal documents in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost. We made this possible because we know what features make your life easier – much easier. Before you give LegalEz a try, we would like to explain our vision.

From the early stages, LegalEz has been crated to evolve into a comprehensive vocabulary solution tool for drafting legal documents. Powered by what we call the “Smart Keyword Engine,” appropriate legal terminology including words and phrases pop up as suggestions to elevate the standard of your documents, making the end-product comparable to that of a lawyer. Each word or phrase will be followed by a preview containing a short definition to ensure the appropriateness of the suggestion. You can choose to either work with a professional LegalEz template or opt to start completely from scratch.

As we focus on having a fair and reasonable pricing strategy, we provide a range of long-term and short-term subscription options. Whether you want to produce a single document, or require our services every day, we can offer the perfect solution for any client. LegalEz can assist you in drafting contracts, agreements, website statements, letters and other business materials.

LegalEz employs qualified linguistic content writers to ensure the accuracy of our suggestions and quality of our templates.

Further, our customers will be assisted by our technical support team on any matters of concern. These experts know LegalEz inside-and-out, meaning that that they can ensure that you have a highly pleasant user experience.
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